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Simulation is becoming very beneficial in the area of health care education. Healthcare providers have used various types of anatomical models in pre-clinical education for some time. Training on anatomical models is increasingly viewed as a cost effective and crucial part of healthcare training programs. The benefits of using anatomical models in training include practicing and making mistakes in a risk-free environment, identifying sources of error in technique prior to implementation in patient care and adapting scenarios for learners at multiple levels. Staff can practice real skills in a simulated environment while improving existing skills or acquiring new ones.

The use of anatomical models has also been beneficial in the competency and skills assessment of staff, simplifying the process of supervisor and clinician scheduling a controlled time and environment for the observation, completion and evaluation of the procedure instead of waiting until a patient needs a particular procedure done, and then interrupt what they doing to come together to complete the procedure.

Anatomical models can provide an experiential learning environment for healthcare workers to practice techniques in specialty skills area not previously familiar to them, building basic skills and gaining confidence before using these techniques on patients healthcare workers to practice in specialty skills areas that they are not familiar with to build basic skill and gain confidence before doing these procedures on patients.

All of these benefits result in better use of time and resources, as well as improved patient care.

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